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We extend a warm invitation to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) creators, inviting you to bring your unique stories into the spotlight. Our commitment is rooted in a dedication to fostering inclusivity, representation, and diverse storytelling.

BIPOC creators bring a wealth of cultural knowledge, traditions, and histories to their work. By embracing this diversity, we can be part of a broader industry transformation hosting narratives that reflect the complexity and beauty of the global human experience. Authentic storytelling not only resonates with diverse audiences but also contributes to breaking stereotypes and promoting understanding.

In essence, our collaboration with BIPOC creators is not just a commitment; it's a celebration of the rich tapestry of humanity and a pledge to contribute to a more inclusive and representative film industry.

Revolutionizing Film Marketing

Your cinematic creation deserves more than traditional promotion—it deserves an innovative journey. Here's how our Film Innovation Hub transforms the marketing landscape for your film.

Global Reach: Your film will be strategically promoted across international platforms, leveraging social media to amplify engagement across different cultures and backgrounds. We believe every film deserves a worldwide stage and are committed to captivating audiences for a more impactful connection.

Immersive Teasers: Utilize innovative teaser trailers that captivate viewers with a sneak peek into the revolutionary elements of your film leveraging technology to create a dynamic and memorable viewing experience.

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Director's Insights: Showcase the creative journey with exclusive interviews, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, allowing audiences to connect with the visionary minds behind the film.

Key Collaborations: Collaborate with influencers aligned with your film's ethos, amplifying visibility and creating a buzz within their engaged communities.

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Virtual Premieres: Host exclusive virtual premieres, leveraging interactive websites that immerse visitors in the world of your film, turning the promotional journey into an unforgettable exploration.

Empowering Creators

Connect with industry veterans and seasoned professionals who offer personalized guidance and insights to navigate the complexities of the film industry through intimate discussions.

Virtual/In Person

Expert Fireside Chats

Explore financial support options through various funding programs designed to back visionary projects. Your creative ideas deserve the resources to flourish.

Resource Links

Funding Opportunities

Potential to have your work featured in prestigious film festivals, broadening your exposure and opening doors to new opportunities.

Selected Submissions Only

Film Festivals

Amplify your presence and connect with new audiences through live panel events where you can articulate your industry experiences, challenges, and strategies that have paved your path to success.

Live Event Opportunities

Engage with fellow creators in dedicated collaborative spaces, fostering an environment where ideas are exchanged, partnerships are formed, and creativity flourishes.

Collaboration Spaces

Benefit from tailored marketing strategies to amplify the visibility of your creations. Our team works to showcase your work to a global audience.

Marketing Support

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Submission categories

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The gateway for gripping and well-developed story arcs that keep audiences eagerly awaiting the next episode.

Share engaging discussions, interviews, and insights that evoke emotions and sparks conversations.

Dive into the narrative, showcase your storytelling prowess, and captivate audiences with your full-length feature.

Make a powerful impact in a shorter runtime with compelling stories, experimental works, or captivating narratives.

Submission Guidelines

Your submission is complete once you pay the Submission Review fee. We'll keep you informed about the review process and any additional opportunities that may arise as a hub member. You can opt-out of the included membership by checking submit only.


Films must adhere to industry-standard formats. Ensure all necessary permissions and licenses are secured. Submissions should align with our values of inclusivity and creativity.

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1. Submission

Complete Submission form: Start by completing the Creator Submission form on our platform.

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2. prepare media

Provide a secure link (or upload directly ) to our platform.

Share your vision, challenges, and the artistic choices that define your work.

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3. Submission Fee

To support our review process, a nominal submission fee of $75 is required. This fee fuels the continuous evolution of our film innovation hub that provides resources for more creators. Then hit Submit.

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submit your work

Impact-Driven Filmmaking

Join Upland Studios Innovation Hub and embark on a journey where your creativity knows no bounds and cinematic storytelling transcends boundaries. Join a community of visionary filmmakers and creators who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of cinematic expression to drive social change.

Join Upland Studios Innovation Hub and embark on a journey where your creativity knows no bounds.